Ivan Byurganovskiy

I'm currently looking for long/short term job at Upwork as a back end developer (possibly with some front end tasks). I have about 1400 registered hours working with 100% job success as Upwork. Please, read an extended info about me to get the first impressions if you are interesed. Feel free to contact my on Skype if you have any questions or want to see some code I've created!

My Ruby Portfolio

Instamotor Inc.

The project consists of two parts: main grape-based API backend and web crawler, gathering vehicle sell postings from the web. API includes tricky communication layer based on Twilio. My noticeable goals were:

  • migrate both apps from Resque to Sidekiq (jobs rework, queues tuning)
  • add Sidekiq monitoring and logging extensions
  • refactor/add MMS handling for Twilio
  • leasing and freeing Twilio phone numbers
  • forwarding calls/steganography (shown on screenshot)
  • Amazon EC2 instances managing and tuning
  • rewrite and make testable internal Slack messenger (shown on screenshot)
  • integration with NewRelic, Rollbar, Papertrail and Dead Man’s Snitch 3rd-party services
  • plenty of small refactorings (code had low quality)

And of course everything was tested with Rspec.

NOTE: my goals were related to backend only


Apple pass manager

AngularJs + Ruby on Rails project with integration with Apple Passbook API and Apple push service. This project was done solely by myself for BestFit mobile company.

Features implemented:

  • WYSIWYG pass designer with near pixel-perfect result with support of all five pass types
  • several versions of the same pass supported
  • ability to schedule publishing any version to registered devices using APB API (+push service)
  • generating and signing passes
  • simple and robust hand-crafted image uploading service (instead of Carrierwave or Paperclip). Creating it allowed decoupling image processing and make the whole pass creation process straight and neat.
  • a whole bunch of nice other features

The code was heavily tested, and it was relatively easy, thanks to nice gems like light-service (I love Command pattern :) and virtus

Higgins MD 420

Heavy refactoring/cleanup/drying of legacy code and new features implementation. There was no unit tests at all, and became more than 500 after about three months as I’ve joined project.

Technologies used:

  • common gems toolbox (about one hundred gems; rspec, cucumber, poltergeist, rails 3.2, capistrano, mysql etc.)
  • devise with heavy customization to satisfy business needs
  • active_merchant billing (with authorize.net binding/testing)
  • activeadmin with decorated models
  • wicked_pdf for health history pdf generation
  • cocoon for nested forms (yep, it was long time ago :)
  • jenkins CI with github PR triggers
  • mercury editor
  • errbit
  • redmine

Note on frontend: when I joined this project, frontend (including JS) was almost completed, I’ve done only refactoring of CSS (SCSS+Compass) and JS (CS).


Pelesend corporate site

Almost completely rewritten backend (Ruby on Rails based) ugly source code, added completely missed integration/unit specs, added Mercury Editor for admins, no frontend work applied (client is waiting for new design), removed or taken from gems 90% of code (JS mostly).

Results of refactoring:

3,626,024 bytes -> 322,949 bytes
536 files changed
5562 insertions(+)
98880 deletions(-)

Less code, less trouble :)


ABC Logistik

Regular complexity site for Russian logistic company, made solely by myself from the ground. Some features (menu items) client decided to implement in the future.

Tools used:

  • Ruby on Rails 3.2
  • MySQL (not my decision)
  • simple_form
  • strong_parameters (while using Ruby on Rails 3.2)
  • rubytree
  • active_admin
  • compass-rails
  • bootstrap-sass
  • rspec
  • capybara
  • factory_girl_rails
  • livereload
  • capistrano
  • passenger

This site was created using Hugo, Google Material Design Lite, built by Brunch and deployed by my custom script based upon SSHKit